Who we are today

A very special team that brings together different interests to harmoniously work towards a shared goal


The roots of Being:
Be a witness to the human revolution

Having graduated in philosophy in Rome, Gabriella worked as a researcher in Germany and Italy. She studied sixteenth and seventeenth-century nature and interdisciplinary essence knowledge, which combined reading with enjoying food. According to her first teacher, philosopher and gourmet Tullio Gregory, literature and food were to be enjoyed with equal seriousness. In 2002, in line with her interest and work on local development, Gabriella opened the popular “Antica Dimora del Gruccione” albergo diffuso in Santu Lussurgiu. Gabriella believes that the authentic mission of the multi-building hotel in a small village is to be “garrison” in the area: a revolutionary and resilient way of doing business by affirming the beauty of unconventional places and giving them a new voice in every part of the world.

Gabriella Antica Dimora del Gruccione


The roots of the dialogue:
Intercultural Mediation and Communication for the Meeting of Peoples

Born in Milan, she remained there until 2002, when she moved to Santu Lussurgiu because in this commune in the hinterland of Oristana, the old family home of her mother Gabriella was located and subsequently opened as an “albergo diffuso” or “scattered hotel”. Passionate about issues related to international law, she developed consistent volunteering opportunities, including some outside of Italy, with associations that take care of the needs of refugees caught up in war, whilst also over time acquiring a leading role in hotel management. Due to management objectives focused on the promotion of responsible tourism, she confronts the sustainable balance between business needs and ethical principles daily, to which she believes perseverent working on the rational and technological organisation of different sectors can provide an answer, with the aim of developing the hotel as an opportunity for intercultural dialogue, a means of peace and respect of peoples’ identities.

Lucilla Antica Dimora del Gruccione

Our team

Our team Antica Dimora del Gruccione


The Origins of Eating:
Local Food and Nature’s Suggestions to Protect the Environment

She may be young but she already has many years of experience in cooking because, immediately after graduating with her diploma in hospitality, she undertook an uninterrupted series of training courses and jobs which have enabled her to become familiar with the many different facets of the restaurant sector in Sardinia and in other Italian and international establishments. Thus, she acquired skills and techniques in working as part of a team and developed her own methods of preparing raw ingredients that she particularly enjoys expressing through patisserie, an area that has always been her favourite outlet for creative experimentation. Now, Sara’s talent is applied to the offering of food that expresses the essence of the local area, small producers, the environment, exciting new ways through which her enthusiasm for nature and animals has found involvement and synergy in the company’s mission, for the promotion of good, attractive and ‘sustainable’ food which she passes on through all her creations, to the preparation of which she is totally committed.

Sara Antica Dimora del Gruccione


The Roots of the Encounter:
Sips of Nature in the Artifici dei Calici

Angelo di Sennori believes that in work it is necessary to combine the competence of professionalism with a passion that brightens daily life with new interest. This is certainly easier for those who have a job they like and which they will continue to like over time. In the course of his experiences in various national contexts, Angelo has always placed a high value on care of the guest; he considers that the needs of guests must be taken into sensitive consideration. Meanwhile, his ability in the preparation of drinks blends well with his amateur knowledge of botany, something he happily shares with company management. In his role as maitre, Angelo offers great service and prepares aperitifs and cocktails that are full of the flavours, aromas and colours provided by combinations with wild Montiferru herbs.

Angelo Antica Dimora del Gruccione


The Roots of the Mediterranean:
The Vineyard and Wine are Culture of the Land

After years of studies with the Italian Sommelier Association and with the School of Competitions in Tuscany, Marco’s role in the company is in the selection small Sardinian wineries. These wineries are distinguished not only by their great quality wines but also by their respect for the environment. The study of Sardinia is always on Marco’s heart. This is especially when it comes to knowledge of the Vernaccia grape of Oristano, Marco’s city of origin and a place which he loves unconditionally. However, the focus of his research is in understanding the determining factors of extraordinary Burgundy wines. Marco frequently visits this region, especially the “Cote d’Or.” Over the years he has developed important relationships with producers of wines that he places on the wine list he oversees. The list includes unusual, fine bottles which give specialists and amateurs the welcome surprise of enjoying important and unique tastings in Santu Lussurgiu, a small village in the hinterland of the island.

Marco Antica Dimora del Gruccione