Ecotourism & Sustainability

The “Antica Dimora del Gruccione” is a hotel, however, it is also a life project as well as a local development project because the company was born by reusing what was available without consuming new land and therefore, its rooms are in buildings that belong to the historical fabric of the town. In addition, the food served is the product of the local economies that care for animals and the land. While the property is traditional, its staff are made up of young people who are trained and passionate, who have travelled the world but have decided to live in Sardinia and tell the story of the island by living in a small village.

The Hotel is a tangible and intangible space:
the person and the environment work together as parts of a whole,
the management mission pays equal attention to economic and social balance because, together with the Company’s economic sustainability, it also assesses the positive impacts on the community and on our planet.

Our guests are therefore part of a larger community which, in many places throughout the world, has the promotion of new lifestyles more suited to personal happiness, the well-being of the earth, and the dialogue of peace at its heart… from us knowledge, friendships and being together is born.