Wine for pairing or wine for tasting?

For us, it’s one and the same thing! Indeed, wine has a special place in our hearts because viticulture was an important passion and activity for our family. With the guidance of our sommelier, our business conducts research in Sardinia and outside Italy in order to offer wine that can transform a simple dinner into an opportunity for learning.

Our selection includes wines from small producers and from historic farms on our island.
The common thread that binds them is an understanding of the land through vineyards and wine.

A part of our wine list is dedicated to the so-called ‘florizzati’ as Montiferru is located between two important areas that produce wine with flor: the lower Tirso valley with Vernaccia di Oristano and Marghine-Planargia with Malvasia di Bosa.
The final section of our menu includes a small selection of Italian wines and a selection of Burgundy wines.


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