Sardinia’s Biodiversity heritage
The environments of the inland areas, far from industrial development
are authentic expressions of the island’s nature and culture.


The Spaces





Sos Molinos Waterfalls

In the heart of a habitat which, due to its valuable biodiversity, is recognised as a Site of Community Importance (SIC), known as Sos Molinos-Sos Lavros-Monte Urtigu, spring water descends from Monte Urtigu (1050 m) and flows into the “Ruscello dei Mulini” (Riu Sos Molinos) and feeds a series of perennial waterfalls until it reaches the last drop, which is of particular importance because the basaltic gorge interrupts the flow with a spectacular cliff face.

There are many ways to reach “Sos Molinos” from Santu Lussurgiu and the track along which you can still see the remains of hydraulic machinery once used to harness the energy of the water to grind cereals and for fulling rough woollen fabric, traditional industries in Montiferru.

Sos Molinos Waterfalls Antica Dimora del Gruccione

The volcanic massif, the Mediterranean woodland, the sea

Starting from the expanse of sunny rocks, scented with thyme and helichrysum, which lead the gaze right along the west coast from the Gulf of Oristano as far as Alghero, along the pathways that cross the shady woods of the great “patriarchs”, the centuries-old holm oaks of Montiferru, you arrive at the sea, and if you choose the right time, you might come across its elusive inhabitants, the deer and wild sheep, along the way.

The volcanic massif, the Mediterranean woodland, the sea Antica Dimora del Gruccione