Sa Murighessa

Via Giovanni Maria Angioy, 125

The historic building was the home of Antonio Gramsci between 1905 and 1907, when he was very young, and attended the Carta-Meloni school, an institution considered for many years a symbol and centre of education and culture in Sardinia. Gramsci refers several times in his “Letters from Prison” to his desire to spend his adult years in Santu Lussurgiu, and even if this was prevented, it always gives our guests a great feeling to observe the country from the same perspective as a distinguished politician and philosopher.
Wi-fi in rooms and communal spaces.

Among the spaces reserved for guests:
Ground floor room dedicated to Antonio Gramsci with collection of his works.
Lounge with large television to share with friends.
Room overlooking the garden with Welcome Service: kettle with selection of coffee, tea and organic herbal teas, small fridge available.

Le Camere

Four double rooms, two triple rooms and a quadruple room suitable for a variety of needs.
In all rooms: bed with double pillow, television, one or two fully-fitted private bathrooms.

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